Boston University – BUPh

The mission of BUPh is to promote the academic study and appreciation of Greek language and culture. To achieve this, the BUPh organizes events, discussions, and lectures designed to advance Hellenic studies by way of academic scholarship, cultural exchange, and intellectual discourse. The BUPh is devoted to illustrating and promoting the unity and contemporary relevance of Hellenism and the Greek experience from antiquity to modern times.


BUPh Project

This project has three primary goals:

  1. To promote the appreciation of Greek culture and its continuous history from antiquity to the present day through cultural events at Boston University. Such events will encourage links between Boston University students and faculty, the Greek community of Boston, and the Boston community at large;
  2. To promote a summer study in Greece that would permit students to study Greek language and culture
    ( and
  3. To promote scholarships for the study of Modern Greek at Boston University.

Courses and Minor

CG111-112 First Year Modern Greek
CG211-212 Second Year Modern Greek
CG350-356 Third Year Modern Greek
495/496 Directed Study

Minor in Modern Greek requires a minimum of five courses. The requirements are as follows:
– CAS CL 101, CL 102, CL 221, or CL 222; and
– Four of the following Modern Greek courses: CAS CG 211, CG 212, CG 350, CG 356, CG 495, CG 496