Fall Courses


CAS CG 111 Beginning Modern Greek

Learn Μodern Greek (demotic), a language with an ancient history and a vibrant modern culture spoken in a beautiful country. Listen, speak, read and write with the use of online language tools. Read simple texts and hold basic conversations. Learn through music, films, and local Greek events and places. Eat and dance the Greek way! Polychroniou, Mon/Wed 10-11am, Fr 10-12pm

CAS CG 211 Intermediate Modern Greek

Prereq: CAS CG 112 or equivalent. Discuss everyday themes in Modern Greek. Develop your reading skills, vocabulary and grammar through a series of stories from Greek mythology written in simple language and Homer translated in simple Greek. Create your fun Greek Video and watch movies to deepen your knowledge about Greek history and culture. Get your books and materials for free. Polychroniou, Mon/Wed/Fr 12-1pm

CCG 356 The Modern Greek Novel

Prereq: CG 212 or equivalent. Study Greek literature through award-winning novels and films with an emphasis on historical context, ideology, and culture, as well as through documentaries on Modern Greek authors and poets. Encounter Modern Greece today through contemporary newspaper and magazine articles. Topics include entertainment, education, and mass culture as identity and-nation-building. Discussions, exercises, vocabulary study, short essays and presentations help students improve their language skills and comprehension. Conducted in Greek.
Get your favorite Greek movie and book for free!
Polychroniou, Mon/Wed/Fr 2-3pm. Please contact: kpol@bu.edu for questions