Spring Courses

Agistri sailing

CG 112 Beginning Modern Greek 2

Continue discovering a beautiful language, culture and country. Intensive oral practice, readings and discussions on everyday topics will prepare you for visiting Greece and speaking the language. Discover Greek mythology written in simple language and enjoy.Greek films exploring Hellenic culture, not to mention Greek dancing and cuisine. Polychroniou, Mon/Wed 10-11am, Fr 10-12pm

CG 212 Intermediate Modern Greek 2

Discussions in Modern Greek related to everyday themes. Development of reading skills through the analysis of contemporary texts. A series of stories from ancient Greek mythology (Ήρωες και Μύθοι) written in simple language. Get your books and materials for free.
Prereq: CG 211 or equivalent. Polychroniou, M/W/F 12:00-1:00.

CG 350 The Modern Greek Short Story

A study of Greek short fiction through films from its beginnings to the present with emphasis on its historical context and cultural ideologies. Exposure to Modern Greek history and literature through films and documentaries related to the work of Michalis Karagatsis, Nicholas Gage, Pinelopi Delta, Giannis Ritsos, Nikos Kavvadias, Kiki Dimoula, Kostas Karyotakis, Maria Polidouri, Kostas Taktsis, Stratis Myrivilis and others. Encounter Modern Greece today through contemporary newspaper and magazine articles. Entertainment, education, and mass culture as identity- and nation-building practice will be discussed.
Get your books and materials for free. Conducted in Greek.
Prereq: CG 212 or equivalent. Polychroniou, M/W/F 2:00-3:00. Please contact: kpol@bu.edu for questions